Why Donate

InterCare's annual operating budget is approximately $25 million. Much of this is received through Medicare and Medicaid revenue as well as a few special program grants.

InterCare provides access to primary care through thousands of individuals each year with its federal Community and Migrant Health Center grants which comprises about 20% of its total budget.

With these grant dollars, InterCare is able to provide services to medically underserved individuals through a sliding fee program based on income and family size. About one-third of all of InterCare's patients participate in its sliding fee program.

Unfortunately, this program does not cover specialty diagnostic or treatment services and InterCare is continuously seeking means of helping its patients find access to other services they may need.

InterCare invites donations and is always seeking charitable support to help its patients receive other outside services.

Donation Options

Charity Care Fund

The Charity Care Fund helps patients who are unable to pay for specialist care. If a patient needs to be referred to a specialist, InterCare cannot pay for the specialty care. Patients are given vouchers to help pay for the service that they cannot afford. For example, a voucher would be given to a woman who cannot afford a mammogram.


The Reach Out and Read (ROR) program is based on a national model that promotes literacy among young children and parents. Reading aloud to young children is the most effective thing parents can do to help prepare their children to succeed in school. Our Primary Care Physicians promote book sharing during well child checks by providing a new, developmentally appropriate book and discussing the importance of reading. A donation of $50 provides a child with a full prescription for reading (10 books throughout their first 5 years of life).

Thank You!

We thank all of our donors to-date, especially:

The Holland Zeeland Community Foundation

The Upton Foundation

The United Way of Southwest Michigan

The Junior Welfare League of Holland

The Bangor Community Foundation

The Berrien Community Foundation

The Bangor Arts Council