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InterCare would like to provide you and your family with all of the general medical and dental care you will ever need. By helping you learn about prevention and early detection, we work with you to keep your family healthy. As with any primary care practice, if you become ill, InterCare will be able to care for most of your needs. We will also refer you to any required services that are beyond our scope.

In addition to general medical and dental care, InterCare offers immunizations, well-child check-ups, family planning, pregnancy testing, nutrition counseling, and other treatments. Many of our staff members speak both English and Spanish, and we can accommodate special needs such as hearing or vision impairments.

We know it is not always easy to find medical or dental help. Our goal is to serve you based on your needs, not your income, insurance, or where you live.

We believe all patients deserve respect. We strive to provide courteous, high-quality care that is as fast and convenient. We welcome your opinion about our staff, services, or facilities.

InterCare has six health centers in west and southwest Michigan: Bangor, Benton Harbor, Eau Claire, Holland, Sparta, and Pullman. WIC services are provided in the additional communities: Dowagiac, Bangor, Paw Paw, Holland, Allendale, Grand Haven, Pullman, Otsego, Wayland, and Sparta.

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