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InterCare’s mission includes being community-oriented. We believe in supporting the communities we provide services in, and that our employees live in. Because of our belief in creating strong communities, we form partnerships where we believe that two of us together can do more than either of us alone.

In addition to partnering with area hospitals, managed care plans, specialty practices, and other health organizations, InterCare is also actively involved in a number of programs that support our patients and their families, and help promote overall health in our communities.

InterCare collaborates with many local community organizations such as hospitals, managed care plans, specialty practices, and others. These many collaborative agreements and cooperative relationships allow us to provide the most coordinated care possible.

InterCare is actively involved in several early childhood programs and other community initiatives including:

It is InterCare's philosophy that reducing health issues in our communities and fully addressing the needs of vulnerable populations involves multi-faceted approaches that focus on health, nutrition, literacy, mental health, and disease prevention.

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