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Wash Your Hands Often

Wash ‘Em Well, Wash ‘Em Often

Wash Your HandsThis winter is hitting hard as far as illnesses go, with influenza (respiratory) and norovirus (stomach bug) showing up a lot.

Women’s Health Center Open House December 13, 2:00pm—5:30pm.

InterCare is pleased to announce the opening of our new Women’s Health Center! Patients are now being seen in the new building, and an open house is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm—5:30pm.Woman's Health

Affordable Care Act Enrollment

On November 1 enrollment season opened for the Affordable Care Act. It will remain open until December 15. This is a shorter enrollment window than in the past, so we are urging people to enroll as soon as possible.

Open enrollment means that this is the time of year that anyone can apply for Affordable Care Act coverage. If you had coverage in the past and want to renew or change it, or if you are seeking Affordable Care Act coverage for the first time, this is the time to enroll.