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National Heath Center Week 2017

Last week InterCare celebrated National Health Center Week. It is one week set aside each August to reflect on health centers and all we do.

National Health Center WeekBut at InterCare, National Health Center Week is more than just one week of the year. All 52 weeks of the year our 400 employees are working hard to provide high quality health care in the communities of southwest Michigan. Often, this care is provided to people who have had a difficult time finding care elsewhere. We are the safety net of America’s health care system – we will provide service to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Each InterCare location offers medical care, dental care, and behavioral health care. We are your one stop shop to care for all of you.

Nationally, there are 9,800 health centers serving 25 million patients. Community health center patients have lower hospital admission rates, shorter stays when they are admitted, and less expensive admissions. Patients are getting the care they need before they end up in the hospital.

We are proud of the work we do, and the people we provide it for. We are a hard working group of people, helping a hard working group of people. Happy National Health Center Week… last week, this week, and all weeks.

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