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Operational Site Visit

Operational Site Visit

At the end of September InterCare received an Operational Site Visit to ensure that InterCare’s programming continues to meet the requirements for the funding we receive through the Community and Migrant Health Centers grant we operate under.

This federal visit looked at the broad categories of administrative policies and procedures, governance requirements, financial policies and procedures, and quality. Under each of those umbrella categories there was an extensive review of many aspects of InterCare’s operations.

While in town, the OSV reviewers visited our Bangor site, and also traveled to Benton Harbor to visit our main site and Student Health Center on the campus of Benton Harbor High School. They had an opportunity to check the progress on our new Women’s Center in Benton Harbor, currently under construction.

InterCare receives this particular audit at least every three years. We are also reviewed by The Joint Commission as well as the National Center for Quality Assurance for our Patient Centered Medical Homes certification.

Following the survey, InterCare’s CEO, Velma Hendershott, said, “We just finished the exit conference and the team was very complimentary of InterCare and indicated being able to witness a high performing health center – one continually striving to improve. It was evident to them that we are working hard to meet the needs in our communities in a quality manner. We work in a fast paced environment, yet they saw we are able to demonstrate the ability to be flexible with the demands placed on health centers.”

While these types of visits often require a significant amount of preparation on our end so that we can show surveyors what we are doing, we are happy to receive the recognition for a job well done. It also lets our patients feel confident in the care they are receiving.

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