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InterCare is pleased to announce the opening of our new Women’s Health Center! Patients are now being seen in the new building, and an open house is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm—5:30pm.Woman's Health

“We are very pleased to have the Women’s Health Center open and offering specialized services for the women of our communities,” said Velma Hendershott, Chief Executive Officer of InterCare. “It’s a beautiful setting to receive high quality obstetrical care and specialized gynecological services.”

InterCare’s new Women’s Health Center is approximately 9,100 square foot with six exam rooms, nurse triage, a hygiene room, two non-stress test/ultrasound stations, two counseling rooms, an all-purpose room for providing group pregnancy visits as part of the CenteringPregnancy program, and other staff and waiting room space.

The space creates the physical capacity for three full-time OB/GYN providers to be working at one time. The building has also been designed to create a clear line of sight from the exam rooms to the central nursing station for improved team interaction and includes open office space for other community services, such as WIC, to share space. Dedicated parking is accessed through a shared entrance/exit.

InterCare began its OB program in 2008 when they took over Lakeland’s practice that had been in the Mercy Center. At the time, they were serving about 500 women each year. Since then the Benton Harbor program has expanded to nearly 1,000 women, many of whom are considered high risk. In addition, the expanded provider team now provides gynecological care and surgical procedures and is the only source of such care for women on Medicaid in the Benton Harbor area.

With the increase in OB services that the Benton Harbor Health Center has experienced, as well as the expansion of other services such as behavioral health and substance abuse services, the main site was facing crowded conditions.

With the land adjacent to the Benton Harbor Health Center vacant, it was a perfect place to build the Women’s Health Center. We hope you love our new space as much as we do!

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