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Medical & Dental Vans

Medical VanMobile Medical Van

InterCare operates a medical van that travels to and from migrant sites to provide care and treatment. The medical van has been an important part of InterCare's efforts to provide more access to primary care services for migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Since farmworkers have limited time, the medical van has become a widely-used extension of InterCare's onsite services. With grower permission, outreach workers are able to alert the camps in advance so workers can take time to seek the health care they need. During the summer months, the medical van is out most nights offering services in migrant camps.

Dental VanMobile Dental Van

InterCare's mobile dental program is a fully-equipped van that provides a wide array of hygiene and treatment services. A hallmark of InterCare's dental program includes our school-based portable hygiene program. Each year, nearly 2,000 low-income children at area Head Start programs, migrant Head Start sites, and local elementary schools are screened, receive cleanings and oral health exams, and are provided needed treatment via InterCare's offsite dental services.

InterCare's original mobile dental program began in 1985 and has been maintained through expanded school relationships and its state-of-the-art dental van.

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