InterCare History

InterCare was first incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Michigan in 1972 and has received federal Community and Migrant Health Center funding to support the ongoing delivery of comprehensive primary care services for the medically underserved and vulnerable populations in southwest Michigan since that time.

InterCare has changed its name twice in its history, both times to reflect the growing nature and scope of its service area and target populations.

In 1972, InterCare (then known as BCV Health Services) originally received federal dollars for migrant health services, which were delivered on a seasonal basis in one or two small locations for farmworkers in three counties.

In 1981, after the organization had broadened its focus to provide services for rural residents as well, it changed its name to MARCHA (Migrant and Rural Community Health Association).

By 1985, InterCare's scope of services had changed again to include several urban census tracts in the tri-county area.

The expansion of sites, services, and target populations has been almost continuous since then, and the company's name was finally changed in 1995 to InterCare Community Health Network to fully reflect the geographically and culturally diverse organization that it had become.