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InterCare... Healthy Communities Start Here. Since 1972 InterCare has been providing quality medical and dental care to patients who otherwise might not have a place to go. Focusing on the medically underserved, including our area’s migrant population, InterCare provides affordable, accessible care. No matter who you are, where you live, what you earn, or if you have insurance or not, InterCare welcomes you. 

The care we provide includes medical, dental, and behavioral health. We deliver this care in clinics, at migrant camps, and in schools. Where care is needed, InterCare is there. Want a health care career helping the community? Explore our career opportunities or learn more about us.


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What Clients Say About Us

Teresa Ansinn listens better than anyone I have seen, and reacts accordingly. She explains why she is doing whatever she is doing. Stacy always takes care of entering stuff in the computer and ordering medication as soon as I need them. She explains things that I need to know. Suzanne, one of the psychologists, regularly does follow-up therapy and makes good recommendations; she is very helpful.

Patient in Benton Harbor

Michael Jaskiewicz makes sure my kids get books when we go to the office. When she is caring for me, she makes sure to ask me if it is okay for one of the nurses to watch my kids while she is treating me. She considers my opinion about what is going on with my child and what might be going on. She doesn't dismiss me. She listens to what I am saying and considers what I am saying as a possibility. She is very attentive and plays with my kids and remembers their names. She is very loving and kind to them, and remembers what happened the last time I was in.

Patient in Eau Claire

Alejandra Ruser and another woman gave me very good care. They explained everything about how to care for my illness. They sent me to a class about nutrition. I liked the way they explained my illness.

Patient in Pullman

Dr. Wilkinson always listens to me and I always go to him when I get sick or anything.

Patient in Bangor

Michael Spencer listens to everything we have to say. He asks about how the medications we're on are working and if there are any inconveniences, and we go over everything every time from the first visit to the present. They need a lot more people like him. He listens, is very thorough, and I would recommend him to anyone. He is very good.

Patient in Benton Harbor

Their kindness, the courtesy, and the quick response on their help. They are very wonderful. I am very thankful for their help. Dental care is so expensive. Here they don't care about the money or if you have zero dollars in your pocket. They are right here for you.

Patient in Holland

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