Living in SW Michigan

When you think about living in southwest Michigan, you may not realize all the area has to offer. Located between Chicago and Detroit, you are only a car ride away from a day in a big city or a weekend on a quiet beach. Southwest Michigan is lined with beach towns offering unique shopping and fine dining for all.

The seasons of Michigan come and go as they please, but southwest Michigan residents never complain that there isn't anything to do. The summer months are spent at the shores of Lake Michigan, or on any of dozens of inland lakes. The fall months creep in with a crisp wind and couples head to wineries or football games. The winter months arrive at our doorsteps when we least expect it, but the ski hills within a short drive are always prepared. And when spring slowly appears with the blooming of trees and flowers, Michiganders are already outside hiking at well-known parks. Southwest Michigan has something for everyone, at any age. For more information about living in Michigan, please visit